New album coming December 4, 2020!

New album coming December 4, 2020!

I’m sending my warmest, sincerest regards to my fans, friends, and fellow musicians throughout the world. This year has been incredibly challenging, in all the ways, and I hope 2021 is brighter for everyone.

For me, music & the guitar has continued to be my unwavering source of inspiration. 2020 marks 60 years of playing the guitar, beginning here in Los Angeles. As I was composing & producing my new solo guitar album, ‘Dreamcatcher’, I was reminded how much I appreciate that gift.. thank you. 

So, in the middle of all this noise that we’ve been inundated with, keep the music close to you.  It helps… a lot!

See you in 2021! 



Also, we do have some great news for our Six String Theory musicians today! The #DreamcatcherGuitarContest is now open! For full details go here!