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People have been telling me for years: ‘Rit, you gotta make a solo guitar record’. In the past, I’ve always been the band guy, the collaborative-guitar-player guy. So this was the one project I had never done. It was challenging & inspiring, especially this year.

Weaving tapestries of instrumental guitar and conjuring eclectic moods, the 12 tracks of Dreamcatcher rank amongst the most melodic and tinglingly beautiful in Ritenour’s catalogue. But there’s a power and purpose here, too, hinting at the darker circumstances that sparked this new record.

Available December 4, 2020 on Mascot Label Group (Worldwide) and Yamaha Music Communications Co. LTD/Yamaha Music Foundation (Japan) with 2 Bonus tracks.


A Note from Lee..

We really loved watching all the entries of the Dreamcatcher Guitar Contest! Winners have been announced over at sixstringtheory.com

Lee Ritenour

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